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Vertical Greenwalls are an attractive and cost effective solution for creating a “living or green” curtain on the exterior or interior of buildings. Our stand alone Vertical Greenwall is a cost saving alternative to fences and screen walls. While they are designed primarily for climbing vines, they can also be considered architectural elements and can also provide a location for building signage.  Our Livewalls bring live plant material into any interior space.

Unlike other screen system providers, design services are included in the cost of our product. We design these systems, on a custom basis, with your designer or on our own, working directly with the owner, designer and contractor.  Our goal is to ensure that we meet the owner's expectations for a high quality, affordable solution.

Finally, the benefit of installing Vertical Greenwalls is the value added by naturally increasing the area of plant material in, on or around the building.

Our vertical green wall trellis system is a dimensional modular framework that can be highly customized to the individual needs, scale and shape of each project.   We work collaboratively, with the designer, architect or landscape architect, to find the right solution creating a green façade.

Vertical Greenwalls can be more than just a framework for plant material to grow upon. It can also be used as a key element in the design and appearance of the building. We can build panels to fit the vision of the architect and can match almost any color through our powder coating system.

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