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Our design philosophy is simple: our product must enhance the building or location it is installed in.

Our goals are to provide a product that:

  • Is of a minimum weight of structure and maximum plant coverage.
  • Is affordable to install.
  • Provides maximum aesthetic appeal.
  • Can be customized in a variety of ways to enhance the project.
  • Can be attached to a building or function as a stand-alone wall.

Our process is simple to:

  • Designer (architect or landscape architect) sends elevations or concept sketch.
  • We prepare more detailed illustrations, if provided with only a concept, and then provide a cost estimate to fabricate and install.
  • We coordinate between the designer and our structural engineer to verify installation details.
  • On approval, we then proceed with fabrication, providing shop drawings and a project schedule to the designer or owner.
  • Once fabrication is complete, we deliver to the site and install.

Design Options

Our goal is to produce a unique installation for every project.  To make that possible, we provide options for designers and owners to choose from.

Frames and Structure

Vertical Greenwall frames and Live Walls can be made of plain steel, stainless steel or aluminum.  Material selection will, in the end, be determined by the design and the planned use.

Mesh and Screen

The wire mesh grid can be sized to the dimensions defined by the designer.  Wires can be straight, crimped or angled based on the design.  Patterns can be spaced however the designer sets them.  The patterns can also be at angles, square or mixed.

Materials and Finishes

If the Vertical Greenwall is manufactured from plain steel, the entire panel will  be powder-coated or galvanized, based on the intent of the designer.  Multiple color options are available for powder-coating.  Stainless and aluminum can be left unfinished.

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